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EUROFARMA SA was established in 1972 and initially was active in the production of layer hatching eggs and layer chicks. At that time the company focused on the construction of its 1st breeder house a few kilometers away from the city of Corint.. It then expanded by creating its own hatchery and expanding the poultry breeder houses and its chick production. In 1996, after modernization and expansion of its facilities, it widened its scope, entering the meat production sector, producing and selling broiler chicks. From 1996 until today the company has expanded by increasing its capacity in facilities and breeder flocks by acquiring and modernizing poultry farms, investing in modern equipment that serves livestock and hatchery. At the same time the company has invested in human resources and continues to enrich and train it with the most modern methods and knowledge on animal production in the poultry industry. In this way the company manages to remain competitive in the demanding European and international environment.

In 2016, completing an investment plan for the modernization of its feed mill, EUROFARMA SA begins to produce feed not only to meet its own needs but also for its customers.

In 2019 the company enters into 2 more investment programs that concern new investments and improvements of building and mechanical equipment in the hatchery of its poultry houses and the feed mill.

ORNIS SA was founded in the year 2000. Today it has privately owned facilities in the area of Ficthtia, Argolida, where the pullet rearing takes place, and the compost is produced. The company produces around 750,000 pullets per year.

Rearing takes place either in conventional cages – they serve a large part of egg production in Greece and the Balkans where they still use enriched cages, or in alternative rearing systems that train and prepare the pullets to be transferred and produce in alternative egg producing systems. The pullets from this rearing system are intended for egg producers with aviaries systems, with floor production (barn eggs, free range, etc.) or for backyard poultry.
The annual organic and conventional compost production exceeds 1000 tons.